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An escape room in Windsor, MO is the perfect team-building game for new and experienced coworkers. Whether you want to build comradery or learn how to work together, Katy Rock Escape has the perfect activity to help you develop a solid relationship with your fellow employees.

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Katy Rock Escape has three escape rooms in Windsor, MO. Choose your adventure below:

Egyptian Tomb Escape - Teams have tried venturing into a newly discovered pyramid, the resting place of a long-forgotten Pharaoh, but none have ever returned. People are saying that the burial chamber is cursed. Discover the inner tomb and escape within 60 minutes!

Glove of Destiny - Local legend tells of a mysterious glove that gives the great powers of athleticism. You've heard rumors that it might be located in the collection of the traveling baseball museum boat. Find the glove and get out within 60 minutes!

Pirate Cove Plunder - A self-made billionaire, prankster and eccentric philanthropist is sharing his wealth in an outrageous publicity stunt. Come and try to find "possibly the most valuable treasure" hidden away in an old ship that's permanently docked near his oceanside mansion. You have 60 minutes to find the treasure!

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