Nerf Arena

Stop Practicing Your Nerf Skills on Your Siblings

Check out our Nerf arena in Windsor, MO

Take your Nerf experience from the backyard to the battlefield. Katy Rock Escape is home to a spacious Nerf arena in Windsor, MO. You'll need more than just shooting skills to be the last one standing. We've set up a variety of obstacles at our indoor Nerf gun arena so you can take cover, reload and regroup.

Claim your title as the ultimate Nerf master. Schedule a party at our indoor Nerf gun arena.

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Find out how it works

Are you interested in booking a game at our Nerf arena in Windsor, MO? Here are a few things you need to know before you get started:

Groups must have a minimum of five people
Admission is $10 per person, per hour
We provide all of the gear and guns

Whether you're planning a birthday party or you just want to have some fun this afternoon, don't hesitate to schedule your game today.