So much fun! I loved that they let us choose our own music, it was awesome! The kids and adults had a blast! Definitely worth the money and trip! We will be back!

Matt E.

What a wonderful experience. My husband, brother in law, two cousins, and myself just completed the baseball room. It was very challenging and very fun! We ranged in ages from 11 to 26, and we all had fun and we're able to help solve the puzzle. Likewise, our guide was incredibly friendly and helpful.

I look forward to coming here the next time I'm in Missouri!

Libby W

This was a lot of fun and will definitely come back!

Tiffany D

Jaron was amazing and our faithful leader! Was so much fun!

Jessica B

This was so much fun, reasonably priced, and the staff was incredibly friendly and welcoming. I will absolutely be back!

Lora M

Such a fun escape room place! Puzzles are the perfect level of difficulty, and the themes are immersive and consistent! Can't wait for the new room to open, and looking forward to coming back for the ax throwing and nerf arena!

Jennifer R

Had a great time! The room was challenging and kept us engaged through the whole thing. Will come again for sure. Great staff and great hints when needed.

David B

Axe throwing was so cool... it's my new favorite thing! My first time and I actually got the axe to stick once! Can't wait to come back again! Be sure to check this place out!

Teresa T