Axe Throwing

Channel Your Inner Lumberjack

Stop by for a fun day of axe throwing in Windsor, MO

You've likely heard about axe throwing, but now's your chance to give it a shot. You can book one of six axe throwing lanes at Katy Rock Escape in Windsor, MO. Axe throwing provides unforgettable family fun that's perfect for anyone ages 10 and up. Each of our lanes can accommodate four people at a time and each session lasts one hour. For large groups and parties, please call us in advance to reserve a lane.

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Top reasons to try axe throwing

Don't settle for darts or Skee-Ball. Take fun and games to the next level with axe throwing in Windsor, MO. Here are a few reasons you should give axe throwing a try:

You'll look totally "bad axe"
It's something new and unique
It's great for blowing off steam

Please note that the latest booking slots are at 9:00 p.m. Don't wait to secure your spot - give us a call now.